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Guide to Buying...

If you are new to the area, come and see us, we are only too pleased to help, to guide and assist you in the careful selection of area, amenities, facilities, from schooling to golf clubs.

We have many years experience of the local market and are pleased to share this with you.

Remember too, we have very close associations with other similar like minded professionals all over the region, if we can't find your dream property for you then we certainly know a man that can and for those perhaps with more specific requirements, looking perhaps for a needle in a haystack, we are always prepared to go that extra mile. Our award winning service, our reputation, our dedicated team remain at your service.


Guide to Selling...

Selling your property is indeed a complex, expensive time consuming activity, relying heavily upon excellent communication, good management and experienced professionals, the choice of your estate agent is critical to the successful sale of your property.

Independent or corporately owned, independent agents livelihoods and business depend upon their skill in successfully selling, they have long term familiarity with the area, so have extensive local knowledge and connections.

Your buyer could come from literally anywhere, it is right to examine the extent of the exposure of your property's marketing these days both online and in traditional formats.

It is also fair to consider the under pinning standards, what would happen if things went wrong? We are proud of our award winning marketing, our local regional national and even international exposure.

The team are experienced; very well trained and educated professionals and we adhere to the strict codes of conduct outlined by The Property Ombudsman Scheme, The Guild of Property Professionals, and The National Association of Estate Agents.


Presenting your Property for Sale...

First impressions really do count, with most buyers forming an opinion within the first 15 seconds on entering a property.

Neglected properties may deter many buyers from making an offer and you risk owning a property that may never sell in its current state.

A tidy, clean and well cared for property will have a positive impact on first impressions and will significantly improve the chances of a sale.

Presenting your property for sale is crucial to the successful sale of your home.

A buyer is more likely to make an offer on your property if they can visualise themselves living there.


Expose your Property...

We don’t just list your property – we nationally network your property, delivering the widest marketplace, exposure and choice of property for sale in the UK.

You may have heard the expression ‘a listing’ and, in many estate agencies, that’s just what your property becomes – a listing – look on any internet site.

We will not make your property a part of a list – we will make the effort to network your property effectively by marketing with hundreds of other estate agency colleagues.

Our magazine is distributed through our colleagues offices throughout the region, all our property for sale is presented through our National Property Centre on Park Lane in London and we are part of an exclusive property portal for members of The Guild of Property Professionals,

Everything we do is designed to deliver you the best choice, the best selection of property for sale, presented professionally to the widest marketplace to ensure you really do achieve a far better result buying or selling your home through a Guild member.


Access the lucrative London Market...

We are highly regarded Members of The Guild of Property Professionals and we are able to offer further additional exposure for all our properties to the lucrative London and International investor Markets in our National Property Centre on Park Lane in London\'s Mayfair.

Another example of Guild Members going that extra mile. This additional marketing exposure highlights our commitment to do all we can to expose your property to the widest marketplace your property will automatically be presented on our touchscreens in the window of our office in London attracting potential viewers 24/7

Alongside our colleagues, we regularly hold Property exhibitions in London providing that extra focus and attention.

As Guild Members, we always go that extra mile to serve you better.


Local Expertise...

We have built our reputation on long established traditional values based on experience, professionalism and hard work our local expertise and knowledge area enables us to provide our clients with informed recommendations based on individual requirements and desires.

We are local people operating a local business and this expertise provides our clients information and insights on everything from property values, sought after areas, local amenities, such as schools, golf courses, hotels and solicitors.

Our friendly, well trained and highly experienced staff have extensive local and regional knowledge and will guide you through every step of the way.

We have a proven record of achieving best prices with the minimum of fuss and, after all, our livelihood and business depends on successfully selling your home!



In addition to extensive local regional and national marketing, we always try to enhance the marketing and showcasing of our property by publishing and distributing our own in house publications, here we are able to present our property professionally, to enhance the character and location of each.

We are able to present our extensive portfolio of property for sale, providing the best selection of property for sale not only locally but regionally too.

This has another desired effect, by distributing our magazine to our regional colleagues we access parts of the market unavailable to others, our property for sale is being effectively promoted to the focussed marketplace on the move throughout the region.

Look out for our magazines or even better contact us now to be placed upon our mailing list and we will send you a copy of every edition, at no charge to yourselves.